Friday, July 30, 2010

Brand X

They said they came from a planet humans couldn't pronounce, in the direction of Betelgeuse, but farther. The news programs called the place "X".

Instead of landing in D.C., they made first contact in Seattle, at the Moonbux Coffee Co. world headquarters.

"We've been expecting you," said CEO Jeremy Schmidt.

Their leader said they liked Moonbux style. The press dubbed him Henry, in honor of Mr. Ford, and recognition of his progressive business sense.

By the time the government got wind of the landing, all the men from X had a work visa, and a squadron of high priced lawyers on retainer. Moonbux ate the initial expense and became the official sponsor of the Brand X invasion. The number of their franchises doubled, then doubled again. Planet X Organic Dark Roast, Fair Trade certified, became the best selling coffee bean in the history of humanity.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cities Die Like People

Most often they die in famine
In dark nights of the civic soul
Cut off from caring Samaritans
In slow putrescence
As resources dwindle.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Mermaid Of Mercy Street Chapter 2 #TeaserTuesday

Sarah became my hobby over the next few weeks of summer, before I got arrested.

I moved my computer desk to the window overlooking her pool, and set the webcam to begin recording whenever it detected movement.

While she played there, I watched her, when she left, I watched the video.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I want to say I love you

branded with lies
broken with promises
choking on your euphemism
like a mouthful of rotten beans

you say I don't know
what love really means

I say it's nothing
without trust and respect
and I can't find either
in you

pour me that honey
you think I want to hear

let my words
straight through your ears

and scream your mind
one piece at a time

Just cut me
til you're spent
and peace
is all you've got left
to purge

before we go there
to prove some kind of point
and you say those things
you really mean

under your breath
just out of earshot
in the next room

too many times
for the echoes to fade away

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Death to Van Gogh's Ear!

This is a poem by Alan Ginsberg.
I don't know who owns the rights, but Alan is dead, so I guess it won't hurt him if I post it.
There's no money in poetry anyways. I may post more great works of dead folks, just to keep ya'll thinkin about the worthy ones.
This pretty much sums up my view of politics.

"and the governments of Russia and Asia will rise and fall but
Asia and Russia will not fall
The government of America also will fall but how can America fall
I doubt if anyone will ever fall anymore except governments
fortunately all the governments will fall
the only ones which won't fall are the good ones
and the good ones don't yet exist"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How Not To Get To Bad Durkheim

I'm drinking with Jeff at the Sembach NCO club. It's a quiet night, couldn't tell you what day of the week it is. We drink every night till we pass out. The only difference is that some days we don't have to throw on a uniform and stumble into work the next morning. The beauty of serving on a small base is that everything is within walking distance.

Whatever night it is, it's slow, we're bored. Then Julie gets a bright idea to spice things up a bit.

"Let's go to the Bad Durkheim wine festival, I think it starts tonight," she says.
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