Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Black House. An excerpt from Guacamole Baseball

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The Black House

We walked to the burned out house in the middle of the avocado grove and smoked Eric's cigar-sized joint. Eric and Mike decided to grab some fallen avocados and a rotten branch and play Guacamole Baseball. It was a simple game, there were no winners, only losers.

One player grabbed the rotten branch, the other player stood near a pile of windfall avocados. The player near the pile threw the avocados at the player with the branch. The player with the branch tried to put it between their body and the incoming avocados.

If you got hit, the pit would sting when it hit your skin and the meat would explode into mush in a million directions and cover you both with green shrapnel. If you hit it, the pit would fly at the pitcher and the meat would explode into mush in a million directions and cover you both with green shrapnel. Either way, you were going to get dirty, just not as much if you managed to hit it.

There were no points, no series, no purpose but the green explosion and the thrill of it. When you saw a head-banger kid coming into class covered in chunky green goop, you knew what they were doing the previous period.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Living Dreams

what's left
after selling your blood for art
when between the pawn shop and the page
you meet the dope man
pop into the corner bar
with the reigning whore of denial
prop your feet up and go to sleep
without dreaming
till the money and luck leave town
turned out with your pockets
searching the mirror for someone to blame
nobody's there
nobody that cares
staring in an old, empty shoe
could have sworn you had another twenty
but your fingers come back empty
reeking of fermented sweat
stinging the cracks
bringing water to tired eyes
you thought made of stone
breath coming slow
heart inured to closure
cold and dry
beating in fits and starts
to spite the devil
moving dust through prolapsed veins
bleeding a new dream
to live by
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